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Strategic positioning & communications management​

Etoile is a geopolitical consultancy, specialising in strategic positioning advice and communications management.


Our consultants have worked discreetly all over the world for four decades, assisting governments, companies, organisations and individual leaders to achieve their goals through effective communication that influences the way people listen, think and act. 






A body of work spanning three decades

Through a unique blend of experience, intelligence, insight, innovation, connections and global reach, we have made a real difference; we have created new markets, changed the nature of debates, and won over public opinion for the benefit of our clients.


In the last decade we have 

engaged in projects in or concerning Bangladesh, Brazil, 

Chad, DRCongo, Egypt, El Salvador,France, Gaza, Germany, Ghana, Greenland, Haiti, Iceland, India, Japan, Kenya,Lebanon, Lesotho, Malaysia, Malta, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Yemen, at the European Council in Brussels and at UNGA in New York.

The ebbs and flows of geopolitics have always been there; it's the pace that has changed - and the ability of individuals as well as corporations and governments to affect them

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At the intersection of politics, geography, demography and economics

Etoile is a geopolitical consultancy advising on and facilitating geopolitical strategies in fields as diverse as energy, environmental and natural resources planning, promoting national interests internationally, raising funds, encouraging ethical use of data, tourism development, assessing and advising on political and security risks, attracting foreign direct investment, launching environmental projects, marketing global financial centres and handling constitutional and legislative issues across multiple territories.


Geopolitical consultancy encompasses the complex cross-border interactions between nations, corporations and people of influence. It is the application of the knowledge of the relationships between politics, geography, demography and economics, especially with respect to foreign policy.

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Whatever your challenge, the Etoile team can help you

Etoile's consultants deliver multi-million pound strategic positioning campaigns from Latin America to South East Asia - developing practical solutions to challenging problems for clients ranging from heads of state, politicians and global business leaders, to entrepreneurs and NGOs. 


The combined experience and contacts of Etoile’s team enables it to deliver highly sophisticated and discreet advice and breakthrough thinking wherever you are.  We bring together a team of expert consultants with the right mix of strategic thinking, creativity and experience to help you achieve your objectives.


In Europe, our specialist Brussels-based team at LOWEurope gives our clients an edge in accessing insights and opening opportunities in the European Union.





Head Office

45 Pont Street, London SW1X 0BD

United Kingdom

Tel:  +44 (0)20 3178 8831

Brussels office

Etoile @LOWEurope

63 Rue de la Longue Haie, boite 1 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel:  ++32 (0) 2286 1141


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